About Us

In 1987 we started Marrakesh Voyage to help people unlock the spirit of the ancient kingdom of Morocco, my first home and great passion.

We have helped thousands of people explore the extraordinary sights, sounds and rhythms of Morocco. In doing so, we have not only delighted our clients, built bridges of cultural understanding and helped facilitate lasting relationships.

The great reward of this work is the reaction of first-time visitors, for guidebooks can’t begin to prepare you for the experience of setting eyes on the Marrakesh medina for the first time, or seeing Erg Chebbi, the great dune of the Sahara. (You’ll see what I mean, insh’allah.)

akimOur approach is intimate: we work closely with you, learning about your style, interests and desires to craft a perfectly tailored experience for YOU. And the prearranged tours are designed with the total experience in mind.

That’s why you’ll see us offer absolutely unique experiences – as we’re designing them ourselves. Our staff in Morocco and the U.S. gives us unmatched service.

We promise to do everything in our power to ensure your unforgettable & exceptional visit to Morocco. I hope you’ll join us.


Akim Elanbassi